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Can I dine at your restaurant before or after my class? We have amazing restaurants at all of our locations. We recommend making a reservation in advance, since most restaurants run on the student schedule. Please note, a meal at a CIA restaurant is included in the Boot Camp tuition, and attendees are sent the schedule of activities prior to arrival.

Can I register for classes online using a gift card? If not, what is the process for registration? Yes, you can register for classes online with your gift card or by calling Can I purchase one of your classes as a gift and receive a gift certificate to give to them? You can purchase a gift card as a gift, and the recipient will need to register for their class of choice by registering online or by calling Are your kitchens wheelchair accessible? No, our kitchens are not wheelchair accessible.

Do you offer accommodations for disabilities?

Free Cia boot camp coupon code

We are able to provide reasonable accommodations. Please let us know how we might assist you. Full payment for classes is required upon registration. Cancellations: In the event a class must be canceled by the CIA, it is the policy of the college to notify each participant by phone and e-mail within 24 hours of the decision to cancel.

All students will receive a full refund unless the class was purchased with a gift certificate or a transfer to another course, if applicable. Do we get to cook or just watch? These are interactive demonstrations in our Napa Valley Vintners Theater. Our chefs are ready to answer your questions and show you how to create new dishes, ingredients, and techniques. We offer a Skills Development Boot Camp for parents and teens. To learn more and register, check out our upcoming class dates. Depending on the class.

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We will often serve a cookie or crackers as a small snack with the class. Food and beverage pairing classes do have both food and beverage for participants. When Eventbrite sales end, can I still purchase a ticket or is it sold out? Tickets can be purchased on-site if the event is not sold out.

We will make a note on the Eventbrite listing when a class has sold out.


Can my teen, who is very experienced in the kitchen, attend a class unaccompanied by an adult? We do ask that any student under the age of 18 be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

A full meal is not included in these classes, but feel free to join us at our campus restaurant, Savor, after your class. Learn more and make a reservation.

Cooking, Baking, and Wine Classes at the CIA

To learn more and register, check our upcoming class dates. Forgot your password, or need to create a new one? Click here to reset your password.

Need Help? Class Details Are there age requirements for classes? Anyone who is 18 years or older can participate in hands-on classes. Demonstration-style classes are open to all ages, but age four and over is suggested. We also offer parent and kid classes ages range eight and up and family classes ages range four and up.

It is the nature of any boot camp to be demanding and taxing, both physically and mentally. Though the struggle may feel very real in the moment, once the experience is over and the mission is complete, the amount of knowledge and new understanding that has been attained finally becomes clear. It is the effort exerted which can seem so exhausting in the moment that instills newfound confidence and faith in oneself.

In cooking, it is exactly that kind of fearlessness and grit that can propel home cooks and professionals alike forward in their pursuit of culinary knowledge. Finally it was time for graduation! We were called up, one by one, to receive a certificate as well as a round of applause from our fellow students. It felt wonderful.

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  5. Weekend Getaway: CIA boot camp tests your inner Top Chef?
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We had gone through the boot camp in a flash and had come out the other end, cheerful and with a great sense of accomplishment, in spite of the misgivings some had felt in the middle of the course. We all parted ways once dinner was over, and each student left with a box of incredibly delicious cookies to take home, which I inhaled on the train ride back to Manhattan that evening. She loves making pasta, acquiring Kunz spoons and snuggling with her cat Merlin.

You can follow her on Instagram bestbird. Skip to main content.

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Search Term. Home Cook Back to School. September 27, Daisy Nichols. Killing lobsters and cooking up a storm at the Culinary Institute of America. Learning all about lobsters! Our mise en place ready and waiting for us to get started! Chef Bruno demoed the best way to handle and prep different types of fish. A delicious feat for the eyes and the stomach.